Jessica is developing a keen interest in Scrapbooking Like her mum

I have put together some of her 1st work done at age 3 and some of her recent art work.

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage - Thanks to Jessica's Photography!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 2008 Holidays

It has been way too long and it has been a long winter already with all family being sick, sick sick!  So we have had a quiet school holidays.  
We started off with a bang - Jessica's Dancing Variety Night.  She was so excited to wear her costume from last years concert and it was a great night to see all the kids changing and improving.
Our chickens have started laying eggs ya very exciting and Jessica decided mummy loves eggs the best in our family so I got the first one.  It was totally yummy and I feel so privileged.
Chloe is sitting really well by herself and has finally opened her mouth for solids.  Her favorite foods are bread, steamed potato wedges and stewed apples. 
Last term was a busy time I had 2 camps 
the first down at Nowra for the Scrapping With Soul Camp which was a great camp as usually and Red delivered a fantastic and challenging talk.
The second was at Vision Valley  which was cold and where Chloe started getting sick but there was a fantastic bunch of ladies who helped me out.
Gavin has started a new job and is enjoying it.  


Cropworks - turning inspiration into your creation said...

love the photos of my 2 precious granddaughters

miss~nance said...

Hi Melanie

Sorry to hear you have all been sick. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time

form Nowra